✓ My services of specialized translation have come about in order to meet the growing demand of economic translation services in all of their forms: financial, international, accounting, microeconomics, macroeconomics, taxation, marketing, insurances, etc. The types of texts that I work with are several:

  • Translation of general texts.
  • Translation of economic texts.
  • Translation of financial texts.
  • Translation of commercial texts.
  • Translation of administrative texts.
  • Translation of legal texts.

✓ My language combinations are from English and French into Spanish. However, I also offer other types of services to adapt myself to your needs:

  • Translation project management in other language combinations:
    1. From Spanish into other languages (English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Catalan, Chinese, Russian, etc.).
    2. From other languages (English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Catalan, Chinese, Russian, etc.) into Spanish.
    3. Cross-combinations between the aforementioned (i.e. French into English or Portuguese into German).
  • Translation of websites.
  • Proofreading of Spanish texts.
  • Translation review and editing.
  • Private language lessons (online and on site).
  • Subtitling, transcription and voiceover.
  • See section Other Linguistic Services.

✓ My goal is for the language to be the only thing transformed in your documents, not the meaning. Therefore, what is most important to me is the accuracy in the projects I work on. If you are looking for professionalism, you have come to the right place.

Since I know the importance of precision, I do not hesitate to focus all my efforts in this regard. Additionally, I make myself available to my clients to address the doubts that may arise during the course of the project and to keep them informed at all times if they so wish. All of this at excellent value for the money.

✓ You can request a free quote without commitment or contact me to clarify any doubts. If you wish, you can also have a look at my end-clients list with whom I have worked, to see what they say about me.